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Where Training Begins

Diversity Collaboration Equity and Inclusion

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Develop Your Staff Through Training

At Roni LifeWorks Training Center in Tacoma, Washington, our mission is to give training that strengthens staff development, resulting in well-informed, skilled professionals. We offer mobile training, community outreach, and consulting services to residential and nonresidential human services programs.  Roni LifeWorks currently provide foot outreach and one-on one- counseling services in the Tucson, Arizona area to address the COVID-19 impact in the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) community.


We also offer a specialized training for youths using a cultural lens!  

XChange Youth Training is an 15-hour program which is divided into 10, 60-minute segments for easy integration into a life skills or similar program. The sessions includes creative activities, games and skill-book exercises that appeal to youths. They also participate in role playing and other engaging activities that make it fun for them to learn the XChange skills. It is designed for youth 13 years of age and older, both those who are coping rather well and also those who are having difficulty taking responsibility for their lives or those having problems at school or strained relationships at home.

We travel to organizations nationwide to assist them in creating specific training to accommodate staff that work outside traditional business hours.

As nationally recognized training facilitators, we specialize in (checkout our robust list of trainings under the tab training offered):

  • Trauma-Informed Care (Using People of Color Lens)
  • Trauma-Informed Care (What They Failed to Include)
  • At-Risk Youth of Color
  • Case Management
  • Cultural Competency
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
  • Foster Care (Impact of Being Black in the System)
  • The Impact of Homelessness and Being Black
  • International Human Trafficking
  • Human Services Intake Workers: My Untapped Biases

  • Applying the Low Barrier and Harm Reduction Method
  • The Impact of Mental Illness and Homelessness in Human Services
  • Residential and Non-Residential Milieu Training
  • Black and Brown Students: See Me
  • My School System: The Invisible Me
  • School Systems Impact: Trauma-Informed Care and Black and Brown Teens
  • School Support: The XChange Group sessions

Our Mission

Roni LifeWorks Training Center is a black-owned, credentialed and mobile, nonprofit agency that specializes in a unique and direct approach for facilitating staff-strengthening trainings. These are aimed at educating all levels of human service employees through a multicultural lens.

We will highlight subject matter and/or challenges that are oftentimes not discussed or omitted by the mainstream when speaking about marginalized groups and those who have been affected.

Our Vision

The vision of our agency is a world where all marginalized people are embraced and acknowledged for their cultural differences and unique gifts. We want to create an environment where every individual's needs are met equally by well-equipped human service workers. To make this happen, we will empower communities facing homelessness, violence, and poverty.

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