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Welcome Azia Armand Senior Regional Training Coordinator !

Azia Armand is entering her one-year anniversary as the Senior Regional Training Coordinator for Roni LifeWorks Training Center.

Ms. Armand is responsible for all statewide training logistics, meeting with community entities to arrange presentations and educational opportunities. Azia maintains all training schedules, records, and reports for our agency.

Azia has a career background of three years in the fashion industry as a creative director and project manager. After working as a fashion model, she decided to take the next steps and move beyond the scenes to get a deeper insight into the industry. Using those connections, she is able to assist with nonprofit organizations to help encourage youth, families, and all survivors, that are impacted by trauma. When Azia does have free time, you can find her spending quality time with friends, enjoying the latest books, learning a new language or even trying out new recipes.